Coaching is a partnership which can help you explore thoughts about closing the gap between your Real Self and your Ideal Self.

Here is how:

Skype calls   Coaching assessments   Team Dynamics   Workshops
Coaching on Skype, a landline or a conference bridge transcends distance and leverages the powers of the coach’s conscious listening for the benefit of the client’s agenda. It is very effective and productive also for groups. Ranging from 360-degrees to Leadership Styles, the mother of all assessments is getting to “Know Thyself“. At Musaicon, the mother is the VIA inventory of character strengths and virtues. Executive suite members, project teams, families, communities can all be positive institutions. You can see others best when you can see yourself. What are the unique strengths between you and what is the glue that brings everyone together? The VIA Pro and VIA Team Dynamics reports answer these questions. Musaicon is partners with Brigitte Knöll, MSc, a Germany-based Personal Communication Strategist. Since 2012, we design and deliver workshops which inspire adult learning agendas. We walk along with our participants in the terrain of their opportunities to face and exhibit their values at all times in their lives.
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